Eggs: Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian?

In a conversation a while back, Bahubali mentioned that chicken eggs are two kinds, fertile and infertile. Most of the eggs that are consumed are infertile. I didn’t know how that would be possible, but I have learnt to listen. However, this was a very interesting topic. And since it was a topic that dealt with animals and knowing more about them, I decided I would get to the root of the matter (most of you will know I’m a great fan of the cat family — and that I harbour dreams of having a pet tiger some day).

So today I sat down reading up on some websites that had information about eggs. While I got a lot of information in multiple sites, I found a site that has very good information about eggs and maintaining your own pet chickens. This site not only talks about fertile and infertile eggs, it also tells you how much space would you need and how many chicken to have a daily supply of eggs. Very nice indeed.

So what did I find out? I found out that once hens reach maturity, they start laying eggs. Irrespective of wheter there’s a cockerel in among the brood of hens. These eggs are infertile. Meaning they will not hatch and no chicken will come out of it. Fertile eggs are those in which a cockerel has had a part to play. After a cockerel has played its part, the eggs the hens lay will be fertile for about a week.

Also, there’s no difference in the nutritional value between fertile and infertile eggs.

I’m a vegetarian myself (who eats eggs once in a while). This indeed is very good news for me — I have the satisfaction of knowing that I still haven’t killed anything to fill my stomach. There’s always an ongoing debate about what’s considered vegetarian and what’s not — I don’t want to get into that again. I’ve had many of those. However, I’m just happy for what I’ve just now discovered.

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  1. >Never knew this much before though I m a strong believer that Eggs are pure veg. food !!
    Now… Bird Flue around the corner, just be cautious while consuming eggs [:)]

    1. The term infertile dsnt mean it is veg.
      I will clear you this thing.
      Woman has mensuration cycle in which they give infertile eggs. Means they are dead cells.means alrdy died bit lyf was thr.similry the chicken gives th eggs in which alrdy died chikn is thr. If anybdy is eating fertile eggs means he is first killing the chikn inside that egg and thn eating and if anbdy is eating infertile egg means he is eating alrdy dead chikn. And obviosly it is nonveg. Just wnt to tel u first undrstnd definatiin of veg and nonveg. U r eating alrdy dead organism is also nonveg.

      1. Now you will say that even plants are living things , Dude killing for food is different than eating something that never lived at all

      2. A woman’s menstruation doesn’t have ‘dead cells’…you need a X chromosome from a woman and a X or Y chromosome from a sperm to have a fetus. Same way a non fertilized chickens egg only has an X chromosome it has no potential to ever form a baby chicken.

      3. What sort of a bull crap logic was that!!!!
        There is nothing living/dead in a woman’s egg during menstruation!
        It did not get an opportunity to convert into a zygote that is why it got ejected out of the system!
        You have seriously fucked up basics!
        Its best not to comment at all than to write crap!

  2. >Eggs are in the process of becoming fertile or are fertile. Almost all eggs do have the content that will become fertile.

    After becoming fertile, they are difficult to cook and consume and the pallour of the shell changes, its thickness starts changing as the newborn starts feeding inside to grow strong enough to break the shell. It makes no business sense to sell these eggs as the hatchlings fetch more money. This is why the market almost never sells eggs. Fresh eggs have little or no chance to contain a gamate in its third stage of life.

    In strict definition however, they are formed by gamate fusion and therefore are carriers of life. They are from animals and not from plants in the broad classification. They are definitely not vegetarian by any definition of that term. Comfort in eating them is fine, but not by confusing the definition of the term.

    In Japan there was a similar row over consumption of “human placenta” which was the result of abortion. It is still consumed by some who are not uncomfortable with it. Although it is very nutritious, and until the second trimester does not classify as a fully self sufficient life form no one thinks its vegetarian. Even the non-vegetarian group thinks it is gross cannibalism.

    In the strict “moral” definition of vegetarianism, fish are not considered “non-vegetarian”. However eggs are. In the nutrition department, its just a matter of calories.

    As for H1M5 (Avian Flu viral strain) entering the gamate, the chances are very low. The only chance is egg white containing spores that are easily killed during the frying process.

  3. >lo and behold!!!
    First off, no offence intended, just want to add my $0.02…
    If you are serious about what you said:
    I have the satisfaction of knowing that I still haven’t killed anything to fill my stomach.
    Take a moment & think…
    In poultry farms, hens are considered no better than egg-producing machines. They are confined to a narrow space of 15″ x 19″ in the midst of several hardships and tensions that are naturally passed on to the blood and system of those who eat their eggs and turn them into imbalance personalities. Chickens are housed in small-congested cages known as chickenhavens. Due to shortage of space, they naturally become violent, offensive, obsessed and quarrelsome. They attack one another in a barbarous manner. So they are de-beaked. Due to de-beaking, they are unable even to drink water.

    On a different note…
    Fertile/Infertile egg (a progeny of five sensed hens) is alive, though it may not possess the capacity to evolve into complete form, but in no way it can be treated as lifeless.

    Labelling egg as vegetarian is just a *dumb-ass* marketing gimick by those !@$#ing SOBs!!! Please don’t fall for it, there can never be a thing as ‘vegetarian’ egg. Eat egg if you want to, but, for God’s sake, don’t label it as ‘vegetarian egg’!

    On a side note…
    The *real* essence of being vegetarian is Ahimsa (non-violence). Since you have to survive, you *have* to eat something. The animals have 5 senses and the plants have only 2. So, eating plants is lesser evil than an animal. Please bear that this is *over over over* simplification of what is present in ancient Jain literatures.
    Of course, as a closing note, it’s upto a person’s morality what he considers Ahimsa!

    1. Its true that the real essence of being a vegetatian is indeed, Ahimsa. But there is no Himsa in eating an infertile egg because it is never gonna come to life. So basically you’re not killing anything.
      A chick can only be formed when the egg is fertile. If its infertile it never came to life.
      And the thing you mentioned about senses, if the chick is not formed, it has no senses. Not even the 2 that plants have. So isnt it more pure than eating plants? Just saying.

      1. ‘chick is not formd’ dsnt mean it has no senses.It has all d senses. It is just died. Nly the thing is it has not physically formd and befor this it has died. So ms shruti i disagree ur argumnt that it is less sinful thn eating plant. Tomorrow u will say embroy killing is not sin it has not formd proprly. So it is up to you how u see it and customize it.but the fact will ramain d same. i knw you will argue on this also but this is true that egg is nonveg. And also just wnt to tell you that in lyf it is gud for us to do minimum sin. To slap sm1 will nvr be same as killing sm1.and yes d difference between veg and nonveg ppl will b same like that.
        Whn we have so much to eat thn why we r paying to kill any living and torture thm and thn eat. Atleast if u call urself hindu thn u shuld not eat nonveg. If u will read our ancient books which we call ved puran shastra u will find hindu dsnt allow to eat maans. Dnt knw why and how most of hindu adopted this.
        M not supporting veg or any nonveg here just telling wht is d truth bcz i have read so many old texts. In ancient Nly three religion was thr jainism,buddhism and bramins(hindu).no one allowd to eat maans

  4. >This is regarding The Shaolin’s comments.

    Let me make it clear that I am also vegetarian and do not eat eggs. But the reasons which you gave seemed flawed to me.

    Regarding ill treatment given to hens at poultry:

    My friend has chickens at his home. He feeds them everyday. He does not have roos. He is not doing any cruelty. He said the chickens still lay eggs which won’t hatch. In fact he is the person who made me re-think if eggs are vegetarian or non-vegetarian.

    What about the ill treatments given to cows? This point tells that you should not drink milk also. So do you consider milk as non-vegetarian?

    I totally agree with you that the real essence of being vegetarian is Ahimsa.

      1. Jar head , vegetables don’t have nervous system , when they are uprooted they don’t feel pain and every animal does feel pain when it is killed so it’s good to be vegetarian rather than non-vegetarian.

  5. >Hey Milk is also non-vegetarian. It comes from an animal.

    Anyway good article Shahamit. But in some cold countries meats give a the needed warmth. “Vegetarianism” was a concept only in India which is a hot country and there was no need of animal fat. No part of the world is vegetarian except India. I still believe mans (seen as an animal) body is suited for non-vegetarian food cos our body has the necessary enzymes to digest meat. Infact meat is easily digestible than highly fibrous vegetables. That is why unlike cows we can’t eat grass. Our prehistoric ancestors must definitely have been meat eaters. Though we are “humans” we are animals.

    1. I agree what you are saying. But humans are not animals now (since they were animals in historic times) and they have knowledge about life much more than animals who are customed to eat other animals. Now you decide-are we going on a route of a wise human or are we going on a route of senseless animals?

    2. FYI, meat is difficult for us to digest as compared to plants. And we dont eat grass because we dont need to. You cant eat everything available in there.

  6. >I don’t agree.
    It all depends when you define life as starting.

    An egg that has not been fertilised cannot result in birth of a new animal.

    Hence, I argue that such eggs are intelligently labelled and
    considered vegetarian.

    It is people who cannot accept this cry foul.

    Cruelity is a different issue.
    Try and tell an Indian that drinking mil is cruel and the process results in killing malwe calfs etc. They will not believe you as they refuse to consider any evidence that means they are wrong.

    They also could never accept an egg is vegetarian, even though no new life would result.

    May be they believe that when a women uses contraception, she is killing life – her eggs have a potential for life. Oh dear if she is not pregnant all her life, has she killed life?

    1. I would say this is the best explanation i have heard ever:-

      “May be they believe that when a women uses contraception, she is killing life – her eggs have a potential for life. Oh dear if she is not pregnant all her life, has she killed life?”

    2. Yes she is killing life. Have some ved puran khowledge. Have you heard of smthing or have u seen somewhr tht in mensuration cycle woman are not allowd to go into kitchn,temple. And we do not touch them.
      Jainsm and sm ppl from othr religion follow this

      Do you have any answr why?

  7. >Hmm. Alright, so here is a possible amalgam of all the opinions thus far:
    A free-range/cruelty free or home bred chicken egg, that is unfertilized can be considered vegetarian, in that it follows “Ahimsa:” does a minimal amount of evil to an entity based on its senses (for how many more senses than a plant does an unfertilized egg have?).

  8. >Egg is Veg or Non Veg is never ending discussion.

    But if you like it eat it and if you dont then dont.

    Finally be Happy.

    1. Good point! With many foods, it’s difficult to draw a line between what’s vegetarian and non-vegetarian. As long as you can eat whatever you want and yet your conscience is clear, you should be fine. Thanks for this blogpost. Very thought provoking.

  9. >Just for the record, since some people seem to confuse these two, vegetarians *do* drink milk, eat cheese, etc. A vegetarian is one who does not eat *meat*.

    A *vegan* on the other hand is one who does not eat anything that comes from the body of an animal.

    Either way, we mustn’t become caught up in labels or the fear of betraying the labels we’ve given ourselves. Classifying yourself as something doesn’t make you special; so you shouldn’t be ashamed to contradict your supposed pigeon-hole.

    Eat what you want: if that happens to be only veggies except for eggs, or only veggies, or only veggies except for fish – whatever. Just keep it real.

  10. >Whatever you can do , I say! Since , it is just impossible to sungaze and survive( supposedly there are people who have been doing that but it is something our body is not conditioned to do now after years of hogging or involves a lot of self-restraint from our side) , we choose to make definitions that suit ourselves. Being a jain myself , I know what it is to be a hard core veggie. But then , I have to admit, unless you live in isolation it is really difficult to practise Ahimsa in its true sense. But all the same, do as much as you can ! If you can live without it, you dont really need to be dependent on it, huh?!
    Peace out!!

  11. >In the sense that they were never alive, yes, eggs are vegetarian. But in most commercial farms, all the male chicks are killed at birth and the female hens are killed prematurely, so by buying commercial eggs, you’re supporting that process. As for milk, male calves are not only killed after just a few months months but are also confined in small cages. Female cows are also killed prematurely. So buying milk is a similar problem if you don’t want to kill animals. But the choice is up to you.

  12. >Hi after all your abouve discussions I would like to say some think about vegetarian and ahinmsa. Lord buddha said that eating meat is not bad if we eat meat after a natural death of a cow or hen etc but if it is killed just for your tastes then its called pap. Buddha also further added that eating non-veg food is not pap if human beings does not have any options left for eating veg.for example people who live near sea shore and depends mainly on fish and if they dont have any vegetarian food available around so they have to eat non-vegetarian food and its not considered as pap.

    Now according to my thinking about eggs and after reading some topic on egg I would like to say that one can eat egg if he or she has chicken at home and the egg is an unfertilised one. Also its true about the eggs produced today that is:

    In poultry farms, hens are considered no better than egg-producing machines. They are confined to a narrow space of 15″ x 19″ in the midst of several hardships and tensions that are naturally passed on to the blood and system of those who eat their eggs and turn them into imbalance personalities. Chickens are housed in small-congested cages known as chickenhavens. Due to shortage of space, they naturally become violent, offensive, obsessed and quarrelsome. They attack one another in a barbarous manner. So they are de-beaked. Due to de-beaking, they are unable even to drink water.

    But all the cause of this problem is business.The business people wants to earn money and people have more demand then supply so the business people have to produce egg as quickly as possible to meet the demand and in turn the animals like cows and hens have to pay for milk and eggs.

    In olden days people used to have cows and hens at their home so at that time it was good that people are getting milk without any pain to cows. But due to this modern world all this is happening and this is the main reason why people are confused about eating egg and milk because now they cant keep cows and hens in their beautiful house or society.

    I hope its clear now. I have put my own thinking and some one like I appreciate it.

  13. >vegitarians who consume eggs and milk products are called Lacto-ovo vegetarians and those who consume only plants are called vegans

  14. >For crying out loud…

    I’m a vegetarian because it sickens me how animals are slaughtered, im not religious just extremely concious about it.

    I am fine with eating eggs, I know they come from chickens and I am not backward thinking. It’s not slaughter to eat an egg. Without being fertilised by a rooster the egg is just the base nutrients and proteins that are used to construct the chick in the first place.

    For those of you who have a problem with battery farm chickens, buy free-range eggs. They’re taken from chickens that are allowed to roam about and live like they would normally *albeit confined to their pen, but in no way as barbaric as battery farms* and to them life in the pen is no different than life out in the wild, besides a lack of predators.

    They’re a good foodsource, nothing suffers and nothing dies from eating them. In fact, eating them encourages chicken longevity, otherwise they’d be slaughtered and taken for their meat while they’re still laying eggs.

  15. >Vegetarianism is the practice of a diet that excludes all animal, including poultry, game, fish, shellfish or crustacea, and slaughter by-products.The reasons for choosing vegetarianism may be related to morality, religion, culture, ethics, aesthetics, environment, society, economy, politics, taste, or health.

    There are several variants of the diet, some of which also exclude eggs and/or some products produced from animal labor such as dairy products and honey. Veganism, for example, excludes all animal products from diet. By some strict definitions, animal products are not used for attire either, whether or not the production of clothing or items has directly involved the actual death of an animal (dairy, eggs, honey, wool, silk, down feathers, etc.).A generic term for both vegetarianism and veganism, as well as for similar diets, is “plant-based diets”.

    Properly planned vegetarian diets have been found to satisfy the nutritional needs for all stages of life, and large-scale studies have shown vegetarianism to significantly lower risks of cancer, ischemic heart disease, and other diseases.

  16. >I have found an article and I think most of your questions will be answered by it. Here it is:

    Facts about Eggs

    Do you remember as a child your mother telling you not to eat cakes or pastries that had eggs because you are a vegetarian? Many times I have heard people saying, eggs are vegetarian food and are good for health so we eat it. The myth about vegetarian eggs and its health-promoting qualities are misleading. Its consumption by so many vegetarians is really shocking. The ignorance of such matter has spread so far that people resist believing that an egg has potential life and that an egg has an unborn chick within its shell. Man’s desires for food has made him go to extremes and leading him to eat those foods that are coloured with violence and pain. Nature has its reason for eggs, not by way of food for man but as an important link in the reproductive system of hens. It is the craving for violent food that actually numbs the feeling and thinking capacity of the human being. He ignores going deep into the subject and shuns the truth of the matter. But how long will he remain in darkness? For facts are facts and they will never change whether he accepts it or not. Let us look at some facts about eggs and remove the ignorance that prevails in our mind. The facts you are about to read are taken from the book Hundred Facts about Eggs by Dr. Nemi Chand.

    Eggs of all birds are structurally alike (See the McDonald Encyclopaedia of Birds of the World, Page 30-31). Their internal structure is meant for reproduction of progeny and not for human consumption. By eating eggs, man has reverted to the hunting stage of his civilisation. He is meddling both with nature and with the reproductive system. The egg is totally forbidden for those who believe in non-violence. Right from the rearing of hens to the hatching of their eggs, there is violence all over. A visit to any poultry farm will support this fact. In poultry farms, hens are considered no better than egg-producing machines. They are confined to a narrow space of 15″ x 19″ in the midst of several hardships and tensions that are naturally passed on to the blood and system of those who eat their eggs and turn them into imbalance personalities. Chickens are housed in small-congested cages known as chickenhavens. Due to shortage of space, they naturally become violent, offensive, obsessed and quarrelsome. They attack one another in a barbarous manner. So they are de-beaked. Due to de-beaking, they are unable even to drink water. Do we not realise the cause of our present widespread complexes, aggressiveness and suffering in the chicken-havens? As mentioned earlier, hens are de-beaked to prevent them from fighting and wounding one another. The de-beaking is done in brown light, especially during the night when hens become almost blind. The lower beak is cut. If any mistake is made, the hen is deprived of food for the rest of her life. The hen has to starve at least for three days due to the wounded beak. Wouldn’t this act of cruelty affect the egg-eater?

    Hens are given five kinds of violent-generating foods: bone meal, blood-meal, excreta-food, meat-meal and fish-meal. Can we dare to call eggs vegetarian food even after learning this? The term vegetarian egg is a first-rate misnomer. The purpose of a fertile egg is to animate life, but an infertile egg has no such purpose and as such should be considered totally inedible.

    Battery and factory eggs are harmful to health. It is better that we abstain ourselves from eating them. The egg produced without any contact with the male bird (and thus producing an infertile egg) is also animate because it is born out of the hen’s body with its blood and cells. Therefore, its consumption is 100% non-vegetarian. According to the famous American scientist Mr. Philip J. Scamble, no egg is without life in it. The scientists at Michigan University in America have proven it beyond doubt that no egg – fertile or infertile – is without life (inanimate). The hen gives infertile eggs during the absence of the male bird. But it has been observed that she gives an infertile egg before the day of contact with the male bird – and also the next day. In other words, she can give a fertile egg even without contact with a male bird. On the fifth day, again she gives a fertile egg. This means that the semen of the male bird remains lying in her body for a considerable duration. In some cases, this duration has been observed to be as long as even six months. A fertilised egg is a pre-birth stage of a chicken; unfertilised eggs are the result of the sexual cycle of a hen and very unnatural. Both are non-vegetarian food. Victoria Moran, the author of the book Compassion: The Ultimate Ethics says, to eat fertilised egg is in fact to consume a chicken before its birth (The Ethic on borderline). I was told that an unfertilised egg is the product of a bird’s sexual cycle and can hardly be regarded as natural food for Man. Whether the egg is fertile or infertile, life is essentially there; and it has all the symptoms of life, such as respiration, brain, feeding ability, etc. There are 15,000 porous-breathing holes on the shell, the cover of the egg. The egg begins to rot at a temperature of less than 8^ Celsius, 00^ Fahrenheit. When it begins this process, its rotting manifests itself through evaporation of the water content. The egg becomes infected by germs and thus becomes diseased. The progress of the rotting soon reaches the shell of the egg.

    Eggs contain cholesterol in large quantities. The yellow bulk of the egg is the major source of cholesterol. Cholesterol narrows down the arteries and may eventually lead to a heart attack or to paralysis. Eating eggs may also lead to rheumatism and gout that can cause serious and painful joints in old age.

    All the above facts lead to prove that eggs are not vegetarian and so let us re-think about the issue of eggs and realise that a balanced vegetarian diet contains an abundance of health protecting nutrients and fibres without eggs.

  17. >The above article still does not disprove the fertilized/unfertilized difference.

    Ultimately, it doesn’t matter to anyone else except yourself. What do you believe in? What evidence is your belief based upon? Can your beliefs change with new evidence? Or are scriptures the one truth and everything else false?

    Propoganda based on religion/groups is common, coming to terms with your role in this world and how your actions affects things is what’s necessary

  18. >Even if you eat nothing that comes from an animal, you are still involved in killing animals and native plants from the land that was converted to an agricultural use to produce your vegetarian food. Animal killing continues by spraying pesticides to protect your future salad. You can say it is a lesser evil, but you should never be free of guilt. The debate if eggs are OK or not makes no sense in this context.

  19. >I think it's all bull shit. If you believe in God, don't eat it coz God never told us to eat meat, fish, eggs & all other crap. You can have Good food like cereals, rice, wheat,vegetables, fruits, etc. Stop eating non-veg. Our body is not made to do so. It's a fact. Come on. grow up!!

  20. >Hey stop telling people what to eat or not to…tell em if eggs are veg or non-veg.

    Who wants to eat some eggs at my place – yum!!!

  21. >Dear Amit

    This tendency to reclassify food simply because you want to eat it is annoying. Who are you cheating by saying that Egg is Vegetarian. Just because you want to satisfy your sensory desire (of eating), people like you, find ways to categorise the food as per your convenience that bypasses your conscience while filling your stomach.

    You are no different from Bengalis and far east asians who call fish ‘river vegetables’ and eat them.

    The most obvious answer is that an egg comes out of a chicken. It is not from an aubergine or the child of a mango. It is from the sexual organs of an animal. Therefore it cannot be vegetarian. Why does the chicken have eggs ? In order to reproduce. The eggs are menstrual blood. If fertilized they turn into chicks.

    If not, the egg menstrual blood has been discarded by the hen’s body the way women discard their infertile blood every month. So they cannot be vegetarian by any definition of that term. Don’t excuse yourself by confusing the definition of the term. Would you eat human period blood. That too is discarded eggs. There is a debate on whether human placenta which is the result of abortion can be used in anti-ageing creams . Would that be vegetarian ? After all the human is an animal just like the chicken.

    Once hens reach maturity, they start laying eggs whether there’s a cockerel in the brood of hens or not. It is thought that these eggs are infertile – meaning no chicken will hatch from them it. For instance a woman will get her periods whether she is a virgin or not and that fertile eggs are those in which a cockerel has inseminated the hen . Untrue. All eggs are in the process of becoming fertile and all hens will produce both. Eggs have the possibility for a week and then all of them become infertile. After becoming fertile, they are difficult to cook and consume and the hue and thickness of the shell changes. So poultries sell eggs immediately and those that sell chickens as well hatch the same sourced eggs and then sell the chicks.

    Many people argue that the companies have started supplying eggs that would never hatch chicken. You know what the full picture is? Read on….

    …. Battery hens produce infertile eggs. These hens are considered no better than egg-producing machines. The battery hen is an anxious, frustrated, fear-ridden bird forced to spend 10 to 12 months squeezed inside a small wire cage with up to nine other tormented hens. There are usually many tiers of these cages in gloomy sheds which hold a total of 50,000 to 125,000 birds. Caged for life without exercise while constantly drained of calcium to form egg shells, battery hens develop the severe osteoporosis of intensive confinement know as caged layer fatigue. Calcium depleted, millions of hens become paralyzed and die of hunger and thirst inches from their food and water. Their beaks which are as sensitive as fingers are cut off without anesthesia , so that they eat less.

    Many die in the process. They are injected with hormones as they will not produce 300 eggs otherwise. They are subjected to long periods of artificial light so they cannot sleep and then long period of darkness for a month so that their feathers fall off artificially. As soon as they start laying less eggs, they are sold to the butcher. Free range chickens are simply chickens that are squashed together on the floor in massive closed barns with no access to the outside. All chickens – even those that are fed grain and called “organic” are also fed hormones, steroids, antibiotics and chemicals, pesticides and herbicides. All the male chicks are killed at birth and the female hens are killed prematurely, so by buying commercial eggs, you’re supporting that process.

    However, the extreme cruelty meted out to hens at poultries cannot be the primary argument. It is not a cruelty issue.Some arguments say that their eggs were taken from backyard hens who roamed free in the village and were kept as family. So , if I keep a tomato well with a well watered vine and enough water and sun , will it become an animal ? Similarly, will an egg whose mother was treated well by being allowed the freedom to run around and eat worms , become a vegetable ?

    All I would say is, if you want to eat it (since you dont have compassion for other living beings and your tongue satisfaction is more imp to you than someone’s life), GO AHEAD and do. BUT ATLEAST DONT SPREAD WRONG INFO and stray people from the truth. Because of people like you, the new generation and innocent kids will also always think it is right to eat an egg and would always be oblivious to the truth.

    Each one of us lives a construct of life that we can cope with and make excuses for. And no greater excuses are made than in the field of eating. There are laws in every country that allow advertisers to exaggerate the quality of their product but not lie. The vegetarian egg sellers need to be dealt with legally. And vegetarians who delude themselves need to deal with their own moral issues.

  22. >People like Shruthi need to get down their moral high horse and stop preaching.

    I would say if you’ve ever consumed dairy products,or wore fur/leather/silk/wool, have eaten non-organic vegetables, you’re equally guilty of causing pain to animals. Stop this self-righteous BS!! If the OP feels better about not the possibility that he’s eating a non-fertile egg, let him be. Stop this self-righteous crap!!

  23. >I’m a vegetarian because I believe that it’s wrong to take the life of a sentient being, especially if the only reason to do so is for taste. For most people (who don’t have some kind of medical condition), taste is the only reason to eat meat, as a vegetarian diet has ample nutrition.

    If an egg was never fertilised, then no life has been taken.

    Notwithstanding the above, I think that cruel practises in the egg industry would also entail refraining from eating this produce, because surely harming a sentient being is also wrong.

    Therefore, in theory I would say that eggs are as vegetarian as milk, but in practise vegetarians should refrain from eating any food that has caused the suffering of another being. This would also apply to vegetarian food that has been created due to exploitative means.

  24. >hi
    I just want to say that, they are spelling non violence wrong. It should be spelled Ahinsa and not Ahimsa. The word orginates from Sanskrit which is written in abugida style and uses anuswar(special notation for half ‘n’ or ‘m’ depending on word). Here in Ahinsa(no violence) anuswar co relates to ‘N’.

  25. >Mr./Ms Anonymous..
    Its easiest way to just hush someone by saying wht you just said ‘Stop this self-righteous crap!!’

    Well yes you’re right one shouldnt even ue leather, silk,, honey and other animal ingredients also. And I dont use either. There’s wide variety in the market these days that you dont need to use it.
    And well, it does not mean that since you cant leave everything, you shouldnt make any effort.
    Only once you’ll stop eating non-vegetarian good, then you can understand why should you not eat egg.

    And once you dont eat either, then probably you slowly understand why should you choose not to use leather and so on.

    Because you cant avoid egg, does not mean you should also eat meat, fish and other food made from brutal killing of poor animals.
    So get your argument right.

    And appreciate what the person person is doing. Dont hush them
    Atleast, they are better than you. Dont demotivate someone for doing the right thing.

    If you can save even one animal, do that.

  26. >Shruti. you have really given an excellent explanation. hats off to the way you have narrated. yes. it is a moral issue and an issue that depends on desires.

  27. >Hey its a bull shit….u never know the egg u r eating is having life in it or not….n always eggs are non veg only…

    So Please dont label it as veg…..

  28. >I dont think eating eggs or meat is a cruelty. These are the necessity. If itz not then stop having medicines. Don't use vallet, belt, jackets, woolen clothes. Is there anybody who dont use this. and if not how u called urself vegy.

  29. >hey Adeec

    killing someone for pleasure is not necessity.

    and yes we dont eat or use anything made from killing animals.

    There are substitute of leather available everywhere in the market – so wallet, shoes, etc you can easily find without leather.

    as for medicine, if you'll ask for doctor of vegetarian substituties, it's also available.

    in some cases, you might not find veg substitue of medicine, then that can be an exception that you have to take. But thats a dire need, and is acceptable.

    and there are many people in this world who survive well without those medicines also

    so pls dont justify urself by saying tht eating animals is not cruelty but necessity. A healthy vegetarian diet provides all necessary nutrients.

    Cannibals eat humans, so would you say someone eating you is not cruelty but a necessity? or if someone rips ure skin off to make a soft leather bag, would that be a necessity?

    put ureself in others shoes and then make a statement.

    ok if you cant leave that, as ure not strong willed or ure desires overpower you. But that does not change the equation that killing animals for ure pleasure is cruelty.

    Accept the truth, done turn ure back on it

  30. >I have been on a diet of vegetarianism plus eggs for the last 15 years. The only reason why I stopped eating meat was because I couldn't bear the thought that what's on my plate was some time ago a healthy animal slaughtered for my greed.

    Even though I stopped eating meat, I continued to eat eggs and it had always haunted my conscience. My belief against slaughter was still intact, but still the knowledge that I had killed life inside the egg by eating it had always haunted me.
    After I read about the fertile/infertile egg, i have begun to rest easy believing that I didn't actually kill a living being. I still don't believe that I am a vegetarian, but at least as far as my conscience goes, it is clear.

    In my opinion, calling eggs vegetarian or non vegetarian is besides the point. What's important is why you are eating what you are eating and is your conscience clear. Don't feel the need to have you conscience be decided by the term given by the world to what you are eating. Ask yourself the question, do you feel guilty or not? In my case, I don't feel the guilt. So I am happy.

  31. >I read the entire discussion and feel that this is an intelligent discussion.

    I am not going to debate about whether eggs are veg or not, neither explain the inhuman conditions in which these innocent animals are kept in poultry farms. I am Jain and don't consume eggs myself.

    I have found that the term 'Ahinsa' is frequently used and specially when it comes to Jainism, this term is used widely. but, let me explain.. The term Ahinsa is itself misleading. No human on earth can practice Ahinsa. Ahinsa means – No Hinsa (killing). But, even when I am typing this, I am killing thousands of creatures.. (This would take another discussion thread in itself to explain). So, the term is 'Jiv-daya' and not 'Ahinsa'. Jiv daya is possible. Compassion for life as much as we can.

  32. >Nice discussion. But I want to know that, as all eggs are looking same, how to identify that the egg you are eating is fertile egg or non fertile egg?

  33. >@Purushottam: The point of complete discussion is that egg is not vegetarian by any means – even if it is unfertile.

    And yes you are right, you cannot find out whether the one you are eating is infertile. So why do you want to eat if when there are so many options available.

    Besides, read the following remark from this discussion to understand that EGG is not meant for eating:

    "The most obvious answer is that an egg comes out of a chicken. It is not from an aubergine or the child of a mango. It is from the sexual organs of an animal. Therefore it cannot be vegetarian. Why does the chicken have eggs ? In order to reproduce. The eggs are menstrual blood. If fertilized they turn into chicks.

    If not, the egg menstrual blood has been discarded by the hen's body the way women discard their infertile blood every month. So they cannot be vegetarian by any definition of that term. "

    I hope this clarifies your doubt.

    And even if you still choose to eat, the nature has its own way of squaring things off. You must have heard of 'as you sow, so shall you reap'.

    We are humans, have been gifted with a mind to differentiate the wrong from the right and use logic and right judgment while conducting any activity, thought or speech. This special quality is what makes Humans superior to all other beings. And if despite knowing everything, we succumb to our frivilous desires that harm others, you will pay for it for sure.

  34. >Ever learnt boilogy, every flower is a sexual organ for the plant, and the fruit is the product of sex(plant of course)….

    u should never drink water u know why…bcos it's the place the fish have sex in….oh mother ganga forgive us we can no longer drink your water…

    Above joke apart, joke of the month is you calling egg menstrual blood…..even in female body(humans are mammals) the egg is separate and so is menstrual blood….for IVF babies, please note only eggs from ovaries are required not menstrual blood.

    Fact is you are unable to reconcile to new knowledge and your concepts of dharma are stagnant….

    Please stick to your views meanwhile we will move ahead gaining new knowledge and updating outmoded concepts….

    P.S. just bcos plants don't move doesn't mean they don't have sex, in fact they have ingeniously developed methods of long distance sex and usage of intermediate agents like bees, now please don't stare at that mango, you can eat it….
    I believe my dharma is not stagnant and moves along with new discoveries and proven concepts…yes previously egg was considered non-veg bcos it was not produced the way it is today(in poultry farms). Now poultry produced egg can be safely labelled as vegetarian.

    1. Lol.. Please get the concept of vegetarianism correct..
      There are not many people like shruti who can explain the truth correctly..
      For those who say that even plants reproduce sexually, I would like to tell them that plants do not give birth to a five sensed baby.. Get your facts right before trying to prove anyone wrong..
      And yes, mordernisation cannot change the truth.. Otherwise after few more centuries even chicken will be considered vegetarian just on the pretext of “modernisation”..
      Eggs were never vegetarian, and will never be..
      Accept it or not, won’t change the truth..

  35. >I really like the raw feel in the comments on this post. Contrary to what amit wanted, a debate has been triggered :)

    PS. I am a vegan by choice and have nothing to say to those who are not with me. I believe silence speaks for itself.

  36. >well a related question comes to my mind. whether abortion of pregnancy of a married female, who do not want to have a child, can be justified, as not amounting to murder.
    i ask this because in name of family planning etc.,convenience, etc. people do it.

  37. Ms Shruti_624 you are one of the chosen ones who will survive the doomsday 2012 :-) and rest all will die!!!

    Those who have indulged themselves in using or eating following products
    Leather, honey, EGGS (Veg or non Veg.) :-), MILK too, etc….

    ALL HAIL Mayans cos they gave us a clear cut indication of the doomsday and allowed us to indulge in the vices of eating above mentioned items :-)

    Cos it will be boring living in the world without Youtube and Justin Bieber!!! :-P

  38. i have seen how eggs are manufactured.
    their are 2 kinds of eggs, fertile and infertile.
    the white eggs that we eat are infertile ones and they are purely veg.
    this is because there is no role of cockerel in it.
    if people say that these eggs are non-veg as they are produced by cheickens then they should also keep that in mind that milk also comes out from an animal, cow.

    1. If liver of a Hen, Veg or non-veg? Obviously Non-veg
      It is an organ of the body. So is the Ovary. An Egg is nothing but Ovum also found in other animals.
      Its is menstrual waste. Unfertilized eggs are only sold. Fertilized eggs are of no use to anyone.
      Read my other comment posted her for detail.
      An animal part is non-veg
      While milk is an animal product it not a “organ” of an animal. It is a secretion.

      Humans produce milk too. So its a grey area
      While eating egg is equal to eating a human or animal womb.

      I don’t consume milk either cause I consider it non-veg. It is from an animal its the blood of animal that becomes milk
      Also were humans are only species that drink milk of another species even thought we don’t need to. No adult being needs to drink milk.
      Here is more on what exactly milk is

  39. Eggs Don’t grow on trees or sprout from the ground. So it cannot be “vegetarian”…PERIOD.
    That was pun intended. Cause eggs are Periods of a hen. Yes the same periods a woman gets every 28 days or so. IS nothing but to discard unfertilized eggs.
    This is what the hen does too but the frequency is much higher than that of humans.
    If you searched a woman menstrual blood you will find the egg but its really tiny.

    Hen eggs are not fertilized. That is the problem. To keep the eggs unfertilized Hens are isolated from males. Infact the males chicks are killed at birth.

    Just imagine not getting laid(pun intended, I mean not having sex if you did not get the pun) for a lifetime so that You can eat eggs

    Eggs which you don’t need and is actually harmful to you.
    Lets not even get into the cruelty of factory farms. Just the fact that hens have family just like humans, But for eggs the hens live in loneliness So that eggs are not fertilized.
    Because once the eggs are fertilized by the Male rooster the egg laying stop. EXACTLY LIKE HUMANS When a woman gets pregnant her periods stop.

    So even your backyard Hen farm is committing this atrocity on hens so their egg production does not stop.

    Now for the final argument. That is if you don’t give a fuck about hens or cruelty then give a fuck about yourself.
    Eggs are worse for your health. Because of the huge Egg industry Lobby there is a lot of controversy regarding eggs. It has been found to be more harmful than smoking when it comes to heart diseases.
    But its controversial because the Egg industry is trying to fight it.
    But what they never speak about and have never refuted cause this is sound science.
    I quote from the Iron Disorder Institute.
    Eggs contain a compound that impairs absorption of iron. Phosphoprotein called phosvitin is a protein with a iron binding capacity that may be responsible for the low bioavailability of iron from eggs. This iron inhibiting characteristic of eggs is called the “egg factor”. The egg factor has been observed in several separate studies. One boiled egg can reduce absorption of iron in a meal by as much as 28%

    Yes so especially vegetarians should not be eating egg they are at a higher risk of iron deficiency.
    There is nothing in egg that you cannot get from a vegetarian diet. Yes I know Vitamin D but that is made from the sun. Or get a supplement why do you want to spoil your health for what is very little VIT D
    It was made for a Chick. Not for humans.

    There is not debate its only some egg eaters just want to call themselves vegetarian or some vegetarians who think vegetarian food is food that does not have life.
    No vegetarian means no animal products. PERIOD

  40. Eating egg, not eating egg…Being a vegetarian, not being a vegetarian…How does it make any sense if we humans impose so much of mental and physical trauma to people around us. Since, we do not just kill them does not mean its ahimsa. Do the right thing first around you, make the world a better place. Rather than discussing on trivial issues like this. The only religion which we should follow is humanism. And if someone has to eat egg, eat and do not justify anyone or yourself.

  41. Namaskaram
    please dont say we havent killed for our stomach since we are vegetarian . everything we ate has life . infact everything that exist has life . dont think plants and its products are lifeless. infact considering the present human race they are much alive and much more going in hand with nature.
    but every life has the right to survive, so we must do what we have to do. do eat for you to live that day .though we are not so receptive enough to appreciate their life, dont call them lifeless, just for you to remember this ,before cooking kindly ask the permission to your ingredients for their life , and thank every grain and leaves that sacrificed their life for you to live before you eat .
    one day we might realize we can eat just to keep us alive not for our tongue. not to get time pass without bore, not as a formality to fill our guest to the maximum we can, not to just show off in party.

    every atom you call as food waste has its own life and dream . just because we are mobile and much more in action we dont own them , we are just sharing this earth with every other life for 60 to 70 years .

  42. After reading some articles, I agree that the egg we eat is vegetarian. Infertile eggs have even less senses than plants have. But the torture hens face is unavoidable.

    Even I am in dilemma about having eggs. I guess the reason of you being a vegetarian is that you don’t want to hurt any life form. But you are hurting the hen then – not just hurting, torturing.
    Both the fact contradict.

    You might want to read this (if you haven’t).

  43. Dear writer,
    I didn’t agree to u at any cost as I will be clearing my point by just giving an example like just think that u r in ur moms stomach and somebody wants to eat , than what will be ur reaction!!will u be saying that there is no life for a time so cut ,take it out and eat!!Surely not…There is a question for u that can u give life to someone??If not so how can u take someone’s life.!😤So plz should not consider egg as an vegetarian product and try to be a human and not whom who eats the children of someone!!

  44. Our world is running on a continuous cycle, where first a animal who eats plants, and the other animal eats him, if only plant eating animals are there on earth then there will be shortage on plants and growth on herbivorous, so the carnivorous took his place here, here he got a job to eat and control the population, otherwise there will be no plants left and then if no food then no animal, so carnivorous animals are doing a great job here, not doing any Pap

    We humans are omnivorous, have a choice of eating anything, whether veg or non-veg, if god doesn’t wants us to eat meat, then he should not made us omnivorous, instead make us a herbivorous edition, and also to let you inform that we humans needs protein to maintain our body, there are many types of proteins, some comes from plants and some only from animals, so how could our body get those proteins needed?

    the only solution of this is to eat meat, the god had not given any other choice, if he makes us able to eat animals, then why will the god says to don’t eat? if he said to eat them only at emergency, then what about tigers and lions who’s source of food is only from animals? don’t they do that Pap?? and don’t the god gave supari to tigers to kill other animals, don’t the god is doing that pap,

    if you don’t want to kill animals then go for the unfertile eggs, as there would be no life in it so then nobody to lose life. You are not killing anyone but only eating something which is full of nutrition and no life, so eat it happily….

  45. This conversation has gone wild as it’s away from Reality and purpose. The perfect Ahimsa is a main concept of the Buddha and Buddhism. The ‘himsa’ means harming or hurting and ‘a+himsa’ means it’s opposite that ‘not harming’ and both are ‘intentional acts on Living Beings’. When living beings harmed without intention or knowing by someone else, that’s not count as himsa. Ant’s die when we walk on the floor without knowing us, isn’t himsa or killing. The flesh, meat, milk, boiled eggs etc aren’t living beings. So, just eating meat or drinking milk has nothing to do with ahimsa or himsa at all. Human kind won’t exist, if infants refrain from drinking breast milk of mothers, it’s not ahimsa. So don’t go ridiculously fool extremes to have misbeliefs against the nature because it’ll be a ‘himsa’ to human beings in the name of ahimsa. If you think of ‘living cells’ then you must refrain from breathing air and drinking water too as cells are living in the air and water. Also you can’t have medicine to prevent pains as drugs kill living virus cells etc. There’s a universal ‘fundamental theory of actions’ found by the Lord Buddha. The purpose of ahimsa is to prevent the pain, suffering, detriment of beings and earn happiness and benefit. If someone hurt/ kill another being without intention or knowing or by mistake, then doer won’t produce bad karma or bad outcome though the victim suffers. There’ll be another reason 4 that suffering of victim as a result of his/her own privious bad acts. That norm is acceptable, reasonable and universal in justice/ existance. So, only ‘eating’ meat without involve in hurting beings and it isn’t a himsa while killing or harming is the himsa. If meat becomes poison, that’s another subject to deal away from ahimsa. Also the killing is just 1 term of himsa. If you lie, cheat, or steal etc, it’ll be himsa too. Breaking or baking eggs might be a killing of unbron beings while just eating is not a himsa. There’s doubt about so called infertile eggs. Are there eggs of a hen which never had contacted a male? Life will be in eggs if hen had contacted a male. Wise people can think originally, examine, analyze and reason the truth of these facts than just believing…! If you want to be pure vegetarian then eat only vegetables and milk or eggs are not vegetables too. So the summary is, vegetarian, ahimsa, killing, suffering, poisoning of meats, sin, purpose of foods, etc have deferent meanings and causes. Don’t mix up all together to try to prove personal imaginary thoughts. Find, analyze, reason and explore the facts to realize the truth. One had asked why replying this old post. He must ask himself that why he can’t forget the past..!

  46. Dear All,
    I have been reading lots of arguments.
    Some on them are so convincingly prooving that EGG Comes under NonVeg that even at some point I also felt that yeah she/he is true but here is some thought which I want to share while compare it for same.
    Simple belief is that-
    -Eating plant comes under Veg while Eating Chicken comes under Nonveg.
    -Cutting Tree comes under sin as we belief not to cut trees unlike Killing chicken is also a sin so boths are kind of wrong things to do.
    -By nature Tree produce fruits/Seeds which comes under VEG while Chicken produces Eggs(both have tendency to give birth to a new life so both are at same level).
    – So, I think eating fruit/Seed or Egg is okay than to cutting tree or killing Chicken.

    This is what I think about EGG and VEG.

    Mr. PREM

  47. सबसे बड़ा सवाल : अंडा शाकाहारी है या मासाहारी ?

    अधिकतम लोग मानते है की अंडा शाकाहारी है, आश्चर्य की बात ये है की उनके पास इसका कोई सबुत नहीं है, सिर्फ यु ही कह दिया की अंडा शाकाहारी है.
    एक आदमी ने यही सवाल मेरे गुरूजी से पूछा, तो गुरूजी ने अंडे को माँसाहारी बताया, तो उस आदमी ने कहा में नहीं मानता। तब जाके गुरूजी ने उसे सबती दी वह मेने निचे लिखी है.

    ये रही साबिति

    1) पहला सबुत :
    कोई बी आइटम खाने लायक है की नहीं ये बात प्राणी ओ में कुदरती रूप से होती है.
    बाघ एक complete non-vegetarian प्राणी है जो vegetarian या mixed कभी नहीं खाता, और गाय एक शुद्ध शाकाहारी प्राणी है जो non-veg कोई बी आइटम नहीं खाती.

    गुरूजी ने एक भूखे बाघ के सामने एक आमलेट की प्लेट राखी और एक रोटी की प्लेट राखी, तो भूखे बाघ ने आमलेट खा गया लेकिन रोटी नहीं खायी.
    उसी तरह उन्हों ने भूखी गाय के सामने एक आमलेट की प्लेट राखी और एक रोटी की प्लेट राखी, तो भूखी गाय ने रोटी खा ली पर आमलेट तो छुवा तक नहीं।

    तो ये प्राणी को आमलेट non-veg लगती है तो साबित होता है की आमलेट non-veg item है.

    2) दूसरा सबूत :
    कोई बी International product प्रोडक्ट जिस में अंडे के content होते है तो उसे RED mark किया गया होता है जो की सिर्फ non-veg प्रोडक्ट के लिए किया जाता है , पर vegetarian के लिए green mark होता है.
    तो ये इंटरनेशनल companies भी मानती है की अंडा non-veg केटेगरी में आता है।

    2) तीसरा सबूत :
    America के मशहूर डॉक्टर Stealthy joker कहते है की दूध से मॉस नहीं बनता इसलिए दूध vegetarian है, और अंडे से मॉस बनता है इस लिए अंडे non-veg है। Eggs are in the process of becoming fertile or are fertile. Almost all eggs do have the content that will become fertile.


    दुनिया में सबसे कंफ्यूज प्राणी है तो वह मानवी है, और उनमे सबसे कंफ्यूज नागरिक है तो वह हिन्दू है.
    उस का सबसे बड़ा example है की अंडा शाकाहारी है की मासाहारी ये सवाल?

    हमारे पूर्वज बड़े ज्ञानी थे. हमारे धर्म के सभी नियम-रिवाज के पीछे proved science already छुपा है, हमे हिन्दू नियम-रिवाज को बिना किसी संदेह मानना चाहिए , पर अभी भी कुछ extra educated लोग अंडे को vegetarian ही कहेंगे वह भी बिना किसी साबुत के, बिना किसी तथया के.

    -उदय पटेल (9974403837)
    -जय हिन्द

  48. Thank you everyone what i want to convey is very simple its just your faith that you are vegetarian technically there is no one who are vegetarian. Today we consume millions of candies, chocolates which contain gelatin we take medicine the outer part of capsule contain animal extract the pills noodles, chewing gum, beverages are added with E number sources are mostly non-veg. For your information this all is is faith what i have observed this veg non veg is more prevalent in Hindu, Buddhism religion and is not considered as matter in Christianity and Islam but still all have an average life span of 70-75. So i am following a real time philosophy in my life fro Shrimad Bhagwat Gita Ji which state that killing animal simply for sense pleasure and for tasting or for enjoyment is seen, killing and eating animals is justifiable in case it is harmful and doing any harm to anything, even law allow us to kill even human being while a case if self defense. Thank you

  49. I think eating eggs are worse than eating meats because they cud have been otherwise lived…right? So anything that you are stopping (eating) is going to form a life is also called Killing Milk doesn’t form any life. Plants do but it is to be consumed otherwise they will get burnt by sun or destroyed by floods. I hope that makes sense.

  50. Nice debate…. well i think…. Non veg means Maansaahar…. maans contains meat… bones etc… but u dont find all these in eggs…..

    second thing if we have killing life then u think…. every seed contains a life e.g. mung daal, udad daal etc.. if u plant these seeds u get a new life … then we are already eating many life i.e. many mung daal seeds at a time…..

    Third thing…. when an animal killed … he / she will have already fearness etc all in his/her body so all that fearness, cruelty … all mind thinking of that animal contains in that meat…. so when u eat that type of maans ur brain or body automaticàlly gets that facts in ur body….. So in spiritual said that dont eat maansahar….. u will become rakshas by eating maans….

    Fourth fact if u eat cake, bisçuits, some medical tonics etc…. u see egg ingradient is present there….. so if u are pure vegetarian so dont eat these also… because by eating these u r indirectly eating eggs….. Jain dont eat onion because they think it is non veg

    egg doesnt have all these facts so not considered non veg according to me…

    In marathi…. JAISE KHAVE ANN TAISE HOVE MANN …. means what type of meal u take ur mann will become like that…..

    Veg or non veg that is not question … ur mind state will not change by eating something that is the question….

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